Dear Valued Supporters, 

Since the inception of Purrsonified nearly two years ago, my unwavering mission has been to raise awareness and vital funds for the fight against FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). The journey so far has been a testament to the power of our shared dedication to this cause. The landscape of FIP advocacy and treatment has seen significant improvements, but simultaneously, the economic challenges have grown more complex. Today, I must address a crucial matter that impacts the future of Purrsonified and our mission. 

Throughout these two years, I've been in a fortunate position where I could personally forgo a "paycheck" (in essence, my own labor wages) and allocate more resources to those in need. However, the financial climate has shifted, and I am compelled to reconsider this approach. To put it bluntly, if my business cannot contribute to household expenses, I may be forced to close it and seek traditional employment – a prospect that I approach with a heavy heart. 

Running one's own business, whether driven by a charitable mission or not, brings a unique set of emotional attachments. The idea of closing shop is daunting, and I assure you I will exhaust every avenue before considering such a step. My journey begins with an adjustment to the percentage of profits I donate. 

In the past, Purrsonified has committed to donating 50% of all profits to FIP Treatment Assistance and Research across various platforms, such as Etsy, our website, and vendor shows. It's important to clarify that this percentage is calculated from PROFITS, not proceeds. I understand that this distinction may have caused some confusion. 

To illustrate, let's consider a $10 toy purchase (excluding shipping):   

Materials: 15% ($1.50) 

Labor: 25% ($2.50) 

Overhead: 10% ($1.00) 

Taxes and Fees: 20% ($2.00) 

Purrsonified's Profits: 15% ($1.50) 

FIP Profits (50% of profits): 15% ($1.50) 

Total Toy Price: 100% ($10)   

While these numbers may appear sobering to some, they represent the reality of small business economics. I've been reinvesting a significant portion of what's left back into the business, covering the rising costs of materials over the past year. 

However, the financial stability of Purrsonified necessitates change. Here are the actions I'm obliged to take:   

Price Adjustment: Starting from November 1st, you will notice a 15% increase in prices. On a per-toy basis, this amounts to roughly $1.50 for a $10 toy. 

POD Products: In addition to cat toys, we will be adding diverse cat-themed products to our inventory. 

Wholesale: Beginning in 2024, we plan to introduce a wholesale system. While these orders will not include donations, we are committed to creating packaging that raises FIP awareness. 

Vendor Engagements: For our vendor engagements, such as the CFA International Cat Show, we cannot guarantee donations at this time due to financial constraints. However, we will actively solicit donations during these events and work to promote FIP awareness. 

Donations to FIP Treatment: Starting November 1st, 10% of your purchase on Etsy or our website (excluding shipping and taxes) will be donated to FIP treatment. We are exploring options to make these donations tax-friendly. 

Donations to FIP Research: While Purrsonified occasionally contributes to ZenbyCat and SockFIP for FIP research, our primary focus remains on assisting with treatment costs. 

Donations to Other Feline Welfare Agencies: Purrsonified has partnered with Mission Meow, and 5% of your purchase (excluding shipping and taxes) will support feline welfare agencies. 

Cat Toys and Stock: In the coming months, I will seek your input regarding outsourcing manufacturing for mass production. I believe that our customers value the mission, safe designs, and durability of our products more than their handmade nature.  

I'm profoundly grateful to those who have supported Purrsonified, and your loyalty means the world to me. If you've read this far, you're one of the reasons I persevere. Please consider joining our email list, so I can express my gratitude personally and keep you informed about our journey.

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Thank you for being part of the Purrsonified family, and for your unwavering support in the battle against FIP.  



Owner, Purrsonified