At Purrsonified, our journey has always been about more than just crafting exceptional cat toys. It's been a heartfelt mission to spread awareness and provide support to those battling FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). We're delighted to share some thrilling news that adds another layer of purpose to our mission.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mission Meow, a remarkable non-profit organization committed to amplifying the impact of feline-centric nonprofits and creating meaningful change for cats in need. Mission Meow's mission perfectly aligns with our core values, making this partnership a natural and exciting step forward for us.

**Who Is Mission Meow?**

Mission Meow is a non-profit dedicated to elevating charitable donations for small feline-centric nonprofits. They understand the unique challenges that smaller organizations face in securing the funding needed to make a significant difference in the lives of cats. Their aim is to bridge this gap by supporting and amplifying the work of these nonprofits.

Mission Meow has granted these amazing organizatiions.

You can explore more about Mission Meow and their incredible initiatives by visiting their website here.

**Our Commitment to Giving Back Grows**

As a small business, we've always believed in the power of giving back. While our contributions to FIP awareness and financial aid have been meaningful, we've aspired to do even more. This partnership with Mission Meow allows us to contribute to larger, feline-centric organizations, broadening our scope and impact.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to FIP awareness and financial assistance, with 50% of our profits continuing to support these vital causes. In addition, we'll be making quarterly donations to Mission Meow. Furthermore, we're excited to announce that we're developing a special product, where a portion of proceeds from all sales will be donated to Mission Meow.

**Joining a Community of Purpose**

Mission Meow sustains partnerships with over 50 businesses that, like us, recognize the profound value of giving back and supporting feline welfare. We are honored and enthusiastic about becoming a part of their community. Together, we're joining hands with a network of businesses that share our passion for creating a better world for cats.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey, one that will enable us to make an even more substantial impact on the lives of cats in need. We look forward to the opportunities this collaboration will bring and to continuing our mission of making a difference, one cat at a time.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and here's to a future filled with more compassion, more awareness, and more meaningful change for cats everywhere. 🐾💙

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