Vader was adopted in May of 2017, I was midway through Chemotherapy and we had lost our beloved Athena the month before. I longed for the furry affection of a cat. We adopted Vader and Padme together, but Vader came home to us a month earlier. That's when the bond was set.

In the realm of affection, Vader, our feline friend, was a unique soul. We soon found, he wasn't one for cuddles, but his vibrant personality filled our home with endless joy. 

At 4 1/2 yrs old, Vader started exhibiting concerning symptoms. A month of vet visits passed before Vader was diagnosed with FIP. He was half his normal weight and listless. A concern that sheds light on the importance of early detection and awareness.

During Vader's treatment, a new challenge arose: an allergy to catnip. This sparked my quest for durable, washable cat toys, equipped to hold catnip alternatives. Surprisingly, I found a gap in the market, igniting the inception of Purrsonified.

With the creation of our first batch of toys, the overwhelming response affirmed our mission. As each toy sold out within a day, it became clear that we could make a difference in the lives of FIP warriors and their caregivers.

Through this journey, I've discovered a profound passion for feline welfare, fueled by the unwavering love and compassion of cat owners. Together, we're dedicated to crafting toys that enrich the lives of our feline companions, one purr at a time.